Traditional Permanent Hair Dyes Contains (Over 5000 Harmful Chemicals)


Hair dying is a regular part of many men and women’s beauty routines. Whether it’s to cover up grey hairs or to try a new hairstyle, it’s common for people to dye their hair as frequent as once a month, which is a habit that many will continue for decades. Unfortunately, what many of these consumers don’t know, or like to turn a blind eye to, is the damage conventional hair dye can cause to both their hair and health. Traditional permanent hair dyes are full of potentially harmful chemicals (over 5,000 to be exact) that have been linked to skin irritation, hormone disruption, and even cancer. Choosing natural, organic and plant based hair colour products can not only deliver the same results, but will give you your healthiest hair without the health risks.

The Problem With Conventional Hair Dye

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) states that over 5,000 different chemicals are used in hair dye products, some of which are reported to be carcinogenic. Some of those chemicals include:

  • Formaldehyde, a chemical that has been shown in studies to be associated with multiple cancers

  • Phenylenediamine (PPD), an organic compound known to cause many toxic effects following skin contact and has been shown to damage genetic material

  • Coal tar, a known carcinogen (one investigation found that 71 percent of hair dyes contain coal tar)

  • Eugenol, a fragrance ingredient that’s associated with cancer, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and allergies

  • Ammonia, a chemical that can irritate the skin, nose, throat, respiratory system and eyes

  • Peroxide, can cause serious skin, eye and lung irritation, immunotoxicity, allergies

  • Lead acetate, possible link between this chemical and fertility issues in men and women

Along with the range of potential health risks associated with conventional hair dye, the traditional hair colour method can also cause a lot of damage to your hair. When your hair is coloured with conventional hair dye, it forces open the hair cuticle which causes significant protein and moisture loss, leaving your hair damaged, dry and brittle. That smell you associate with dying your hair? That’s ammonia, and it’s breaking down your hair follicle. So while you may experience a significant change in your hair colour, your hair is also experiencing significant damage that is hard to reverse.

The Natural Solution

Colouring your hair naturally has never been easier with the amount of organic, plant based hair dyes on the market today. What you’ll experience once you make the switch to natural hair dye is not only improved health long term, but nourishment that your hair has been dying to experience!Using natural hair dye is going to bring life back to your hair strands from its core by boosting it with the benefits of herbal nutrients to rebuild your hair’s protein and moisture. Here are some of our favourite brands:

1. Tints of Nature

Tints of Nature has developed an alternative, much gentler and more effective way to colour hair. They use an alkaline moisturising substance to raise the pH of hair instead of harsh chemicals, and their moisturiser softens and lifts the cuticle slightly to allow the colour to penetrate inside the hair, but maintain hair’s essential protein and moisture.

Tints of Nature colours don’t take hair as far from its natural point on the pH scale as chemical colours do. After colouring, their specially formulated shampoos and conditioners return hair to its natural pH level, fully closing the cuticle and leaving the hair undamaged by the colouring process. With a completely closed cuticle, colour is securely sealed within the cortex of the hair and there’s much less colour fade than with the traditional method.

Shop Tints of Nature here

2. Colora Henna

Henna is an ancient hair colouring practice using plants and water without the use of chemicals, as is a great option if you are looking for a semi permanent hair colourColora Henna works wonders for hair, especially if it feels dull and lifeless, as henna adds body, bounce, and offers a choice of rich but subtle color changes. Colora’s “natural” shade will add extra body and shine with no change in colour, while all of the other shades will add a thin layer of transparent colour so that the original hair colour will shine through and enhance the final result for the ultimate natural look. The Colora Henna Powder is 100% natural vegetable hair colour formulated with plant ingredients and is never tested on animals.

Shop Colora Henna here

3. Surya Brasil Henna Powder

Surya Brasil henna powders are 100% natural and offer the healthiest and safest way to cover your grey or change the colour of your hair while protecting your scalp and simultaneously colouring, conditioning and strengthening your hair. The formulas do not contain any toxic ingredients, are hypoallergenic and are made with ingredients that are extracted directly from raw plant materials sustainably gathered in forests. Some of the exotic herbs and fruits you will find in their products include Brazil Nut, Aloe Vera and Açai from India and the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. A complete beauty hair treatment, Surya Brasil’s Henna Powders are mixed with water and applied to clean hair to produce long lasting, high-performance results.

Shop Surya Brasil here


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