Daily Performance Berry Smoothie for Women

Daily Performance Berry Smoothie for Women

Daily Performance Berry Smoothie for Women

Ah, smoothies. The magical drink that boosts our energy, builds lean muscle, meets our nutritional needs and keeps cravings at bay. That is, if we’re blending in the right protein powder. And no, ladies, protein powder is not just for female bodybuilders.

Having a nutritionally dense protein shake can be an easy, convenient and nutritious solution during busy days, or in between meals when you’re feeling hungry. The key here is spreading out your protein intake throughout the day to maintain steady energy and satiation levels, as many women consume too much at dinner or too little at breakfast. The other key? Plant-based protein. Incorporating plant-based protein into your smoothie can be particularly beneficial since it will naturally incorporate antioxidants to fight inflammation and free radicals, along with fiber that will keep you feeling full, while being easiest to digest.

Now we know why adding a plant-based, nutritionally-dense protein powder to our smoothie is a no-brainer. But, selecting the right protein powder can be an overwhelming and daunting task. So we’ve gone ahead and removed a step by selecting one for you: CanPrev Core for Women. Here’s why…


1. 18 grams of easily digested plant protein

2. 8 servings of alkalizing greens and superfruits

3. 7 grams of filling fiber

4. 28 vitamins and minerals at naturopath-recommended doses

5. Cranberry for urinary tract health

6. Calcium for strong bones

7. Cinnamon to stabilize blood sugar

8. Dairy-free, wheat-free, soy-free, nut-free

9. No artificial sweeteners

CanPrev Core for Women Benefits

This 4-ingredient berry smoothie is nutritionally dense, perfectly sweet, and refreshing, while being easily customizable in case you want to make more. It will quickly become your favorite summer treat!




1. 1 serving CanPrev Core Women Shake

2. 1 frozen banana

3. 1.5 C unsweetened almond milk

4. 1 C frozen berries (we used cherries, raspberries and blueberries)


1. tbsp chia seedsOR flax seeds 1 tbsp hemp seeds

2. tbsp cacao powder(if you want to make it chocolate)


1. Combine all ingredients into a high speed blender and blend until smooth

2. Serve and enjoy!


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