A Guide to Natural Men’s Grooming (Infographics)

A Guide to natural mens Grooming


Refreshing one’s self after a long, hard winter is not just for the ladies. And it’s not just for the ultra suave GQ readers either. Gents, listen up! Whether you’re sporting the not-so-subtle-stumble or rocking the full out hipster beard – grooming is essential.

Here’s our line-up of the best natural and organic grooming products. Each will help keep you spring fresh and kissable behind that bushy masculinity.

1.       Clean slate. If you’ve been lathering up a conventional soap you’re unknowingly spreading chemicals on your face. Try switching over to something a little gentler on you and the environment. Try Pacifica Sandlewood Soap  it’s woody and aromatic. Your other half might even to be tempted to hop in the shower with you!

2.       Just say no to aluminum spiked antiperspirant. Aluminum blocks your body’s first line of defense in a heated situation. Instead, try synthetic-freeBurt’s Bees Men’s Deodorant, made with oils of cypress and warm fir. Your beard may be grizzly like, but no need to smell like one.

3.       Scrub. Exfoliation say sound kind of intense, but it’s essential in scrubbing away dead skin, detoxing your pores, and making your shaves last longer.  One of our favs is Andalou Chia + Omega Radiant Skin Polish with omega-rich emollients, and micro-polishing chia seeds. These gentle ingredients buff and exfoliate dull, dry, flaky skin. You’ll notice improved hydration and smooth texture with fewer lines and wrinkles. Prepare your skin to receive some mega moisture in the next step.

4.       Shave. The art of the fine straight razor shave is making a resurgence. Ultra chic barber shops and finely curated small salons are again offering this luxury service. Shaving like your grandpa is also much more environmentally friendly than throwing away disposable razors and heads.

Burt’s Bees Shave Cream uses a light all-natural glycerin and coconut oil base with a fresh citrus and woodsy scent. Weleda’s Shave Cream is made with a base of almond oil and goat’s milk. This no-fuss, very simple, light herbal scented cream goes on smooth and soft. Both of these products are paraben-free, all natural and biodegradable.

5.      Real men drink bourbon, and moisturize.  After the shave comes one more final step. Whether you choose an aftershave or a simple moisturizer either will: protect your skin from the elements, shield against environmental factors, and help prevent skin aging. The LOGONA Mann Aftershave Balm contains a combination of revitalizing organic caffeine, fortifying organic ginkgo and nourishing organic tiger nut oil, offering up an intense moisture boost.

Whichever steps you choose to adopt, these simple daily rituals will leave you feeling energized, smelling good and most importantly not laden in chemicals. May the forces of good grooming be with you, always.


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