5 Daily Habits to Boost Your Metabolism (infographic)

5 Daily Habits to Boost Your Metabolism

5 Daily Habits to Boost Your Metabolism

Rev your engine and shed the sluggishness of winter with these 5 tips to get your metabolism running at optimal speed! By boosting your metabolism, you’ll notice that not only are your clothes looser, but you’ll have more energy and more pep in your step. So don’t throw in the towel yet – your body is much more forgiving than you think, and will respond positively if you incorporate these habits:


Get Good Sleep to Improve Metabolism


Poor sleeping habits don’t let your body really rest, repair and recharge. ​The less sleep you get, the slower your metabolism will be​ . And I’m not talking about catching up on your sleep over the weekend! Seven to eight hours of sleep a night will keep your metabolism running at an optimal pace. So channel those toddler years, set yourself a bedtime, and get some sleep!



Dont Skip Meals it improves youe metabolism

Rev up in the morning! And no, having a cup of coffee doesn’t count. When you wake up after a good night’s sleep, your body is starved! If we don’t satisfy this hunger, our body starts to panic because it doesn’t know when food is coming. By the time you eat something, your body is going to cling onto it for dear life, and your metabolism will be slowed down because you didn’t give it the fuel it needed in the morning. Not only that, but if you’re skipping meals, it will also affect your energy levels, which can have a negative effect on you mentally and emotionally. Staying on top of your meals will ensure that your metabolism is running at its optimal level, but remember – it’s not just when you eat, it’s also what you eat!


Regular Excersise Keeps Your Body Metabolisim On Top

Or the paddleboard,​ ​ or the yoga studio, anything that gets you moving! The body needs exercise every day to boost your metabolism and your energy levels. Reducing fat stores and adding muscle improves energy utilization by using more calories for active metabolic tissues. At a good level of exercise, the body will burn more calories than usual, even up to 12 hours after exercising! Find what physical activities you enjoy, get out there, and enjoy it.



Drink More Water To Improve Body's Metabolism

Water is involved in almost every bodily function: circulation, digestion, absorption,  and elimination (just to name a few). ​ If you’re dehydrated, your metabolism will slow down. It’s that simple. Ideally, we should consume 6-8 glasses of water a day with a balanced diet containing lots of high water content fruits and veggies. Tip: drink water between meals, not during. Too much extra fluid while we eat can dilute the digestive juices and make the process of breaking down food a little more challenging. Drinking a small amount of water while you eat  less than 1 cup) may help dissolve the food. Not a fan of plain old water? Try adding some lemon or cucumber for a flavour boost!


Drinking Green Tea Improves Body Metabolism

Green tea is more than just hot, flavored water. Not only is it packed with antioxidants to fight disease, but it also boosts our metabolism by encouraging the functions of amylase, a very important digestive enzyme that helps digest carbohydrates. Even better – ​ it can reduce your appetite and lessen your cravings​! Plus, it’s naturally calorie free. Enjoy a hot (or cold) cup of green tea in the morning, or between meals to enjoy its benefits.


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