natural supplements and vitamins

Natural vitamin supplements and minerals for energy

Natural vitamin supplements and minerals for energy

If you look at the main brand energy drinks in convenience stores you may find some vitamins but it’s mostly caffeine. That means short term energy and then crash and burn.  What you really want it is long term sustained energy. How best to achieve this is to go back to the basics. What I mean by that is natural supplements and vitamins for energy.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for all energy producing metabolic reactions. Best way to get them is through a healthy diet and supplementation. Focus on the B vitamins as they have a larger role in energy production. Another big category are electrolytes. Without them muscles don’t want to contract, nerve cells in our brains don’t want to fire, and cells become dehydrated and “lethargic”.

For your fuel needs Carbohydrates are a good source but think complex carbohydrates. Simple carbs (i.e. sugars) cause insulin spikes (something that leads to being overweight) and they drain blood to the gut away from the brain. This blood “drainage” makes us feel sleepy. So for staying focused stay away from simple carbs and resort to protein, complex carbs and healthy plant oils (hemp, olive, coconut).

Fatigue Getting proper rest is also very important

Getting proper rest is also very important. If you have problems with sleeping try the Vitarock sleep products. For women Iron supplementation is very important. Women in reproductive years lose iron with every period which can lead to anemia and not enough oxygen being delivered to the brain and muscles. Other important products for your energy needs are ginseng, guarana, green tea and anti-oxidants. Also do not forget about proper body weight. Being overweight slows down metabolism and leads to fatigue. And finally remember keep the body alkaline. Too much acidity slows down cells and lowers energy. So your overall takes home message is: natural supplements and vitamins for energy, not caffeine.


Hair loss (alopecia), male pattern baldness, thinning hair, whether they are due to hereditary causes, fungal infections, stress or environmental causes, can be addressed nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation. Vitarock offers a wide assortment of natural hair care and supplement products to help hair appear fuller, as well as curb the underlying causes of hair loss.

Hair loss can be prevented or at least slowed down if you know how to care for the health of your scalp and hair follicles. When your mane isn’t as full, thick, or luscious as it used to be, browse our selection for the most natural topical treaments and internal supplements to support healthy hair growth.

Natural vitamin supplements and minerals for energy


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